The 5th Dimension

The 5th dimension is an elevated, brighter, and lighter version of 3-D Earth. It’s as if Earth split away from the 3rd dimensional matrix and simultaneously existing on a higher vibration that is less dense, very elevating of mood and consciousness and one feels very aligned with flow and grace and peace. Things that are in alignment for us manifest quickly and there is no mind work involved. It is a heart - centered reality. Therefore, to access it we must keep the emotions are balanced and calm.

Here are some ways that you can activate and access your 5th dimensional consciousness:

- Let go of past and heal subconscious patterns. This includes deep healing of wounds from the past including healing the wounded inner child or younger selves. One must do some deep inner work and healing on the subconscious including patterns of sabotage, addiction, and guilt. There is no spiritual bypass on the way to the 5th dimension. Deep shadow work and psychological healing must occur so the emotional body can be in equanimity.

- Shift into an attitude of GRATITUDE and have an appreciation of what life has to offer. A daily practice of gratitude and thankfulness does wonders in accessing the higher dimensions including 5th dimensional consciousness.

- Come from Compassion. No judgement of self or others. - Perform consistent spiritual disciplines such as meditating praying or chanting at the same time everyday.

- Pursue health disciplines. Eating pure healthy diet, exercise, fresh air, being out in nature -moving your body -to improve mind and spirit.

- Spending time in Silence
– Meditation and silence can help you connect with your higher self, your higher consciousness.

- Connecting to Nature is very important to accessing the 5th dimensional consciousness.