Spiritual Awakening

Eckhart Tolle believes that something new is happening in human history: a vast number of people are starting to awaken spiritually, through the power of the present moment. Though teachings about presence have been at the core of spiritual practice throughout human history, it is only in the aftermath of the age of rational thought that we are now ready on a large scale to embrace the “true sanity” of living in the Now.

Evolution of Consciousness - The New Earth

We live in extraordinary times. The world is changing at such a rapid rate. It may soon be unrecognizable to most of us alive today. As strange as it may seem, its actually very good news these are ideal conditions for the one element, which promises a dynamic solution to the problems plaguing in the planet today. The radical transformation of consciousness. These are the right conditions for the radical transformation. Human consciousness is normally asleep when things are predictable, certain and comfortable.

The Law of Vibration

If you’ve ever heard about the Law Of Vibration, then you know that the universe responds to the energy or the frequency at which we vibrate. The law of vibration is the most important law of the universe and it impacts our life the most. When our vibration is high we attract good things into our life and when our vibration is low we attract bad things into our life.

Life Purpose

Life Purpose: What Is It and How to Find It?

Learn more about the science of purpose so you can create a more purpose-driven life.

As far back as the fourth century BC, Aristotle was pondering life’s purpose and developing his theory of teleology, or the idea that everything in life has purpose. In today’s fast-paced, technology-filled world where we are being pulled in many directions at once, finding the purpose of life seems more important than ever.

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