Entrepreneur & Life Coach


Marlene is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master and a NLP practitioner. She currently works as a life coach helping others awaken to the powers of their superconscious mind to enable them to create more money, amazing relationships and live their fullest expression with zero effort.

Marlene has a deep passion for metaphysics, cognitive science and spirituality. She has always been intrigued with the human mind, "the conscious, the subconscious and of late the superconscious mind". She has always been curious about god & the laws of the universe and this propelled a journey of self- discovery in her and it lead her to read more, listen more and to attend seminars in order to get a better understanding of each. She only got the right answers recently when she had her spiritual awakening.

She realized that the life that we live is an illusion and that we were never meant to work hard or struggle. She realized that in order to manifest anything in life, we need to become a vibrational match to what we want. However after a spiritual awakening we do not need to try to manifest anything because once we awaken everything we desire begins to flow into our life. This is because  after a spiritual awakening we move into the 5th dimension, which is also being called the New Earth where you never have to work for anything. We simply have to be. In the new earth we simply receive and allow. A very different way of living our life from the 3rd dimension. It is one with ease and grace. It is one where you become one with the divine.

After her spiritual awakening a lot of sudden positive changes happened in her life. This is because after our spiritual awakening our lower mind transcends to our superconscious mind which guides us to live our lives in the best possible way. She was lead to her life purpose, she started to live a toxic free life, she looked and felt better, she began to feel unconditional love for all, her mindset changed to a more positive one and her thoughts and actions were high vibrational which in turn lead her to a life of abundance. Her health improved, her relationships became more meaningful. Everything she desired began to flow into her life and she began to notice all the marvelous upgrades in her life without making any effort. 

This awakening has reinvigorated her heart and brought about many positive changes in her life. She now feels guided to help others awaken to the powers of their superconscious mind, so others could enjoy this mystical, magical life too. This in turn has lead her to design actionable, effective, simple and powerful tools that could help others accelerate their awakenings.        

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