On December 21st 2012, they say something very amazing happened on this planet. All 9 planets in our solar system, including our Earth, Moon, and our Sun came into perfect alignment with each other. They said this galactic event happened every 5125 years!

What’s even more amazing was that our Sun (which orbits the star Alcyone in the Pleiades constellation), also simultaneously completed its return orbit back towards Alcyone on this exact date, and this complete cycle only happens every 26,000 years! Wow!

What I find even more astronomically interesting is that the Dog Star Sirius (which Alcyone orbits) also completed its 225 million year orbit around the entire Milky Way galaxy on this auspicious day!

All of these amazing alignments happened on the exact date of December 21st, 2012 and are what the ancient Mayans and many other civilizations around the planet have been waiting for in their calendars for centuries.

Crazily enough the alignment is not done here, because to top it off all 9 planets and our Earth also came into direct alignment with the black hole that exists at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

NOTE: Our Milky Way’s black hole is millions of miles wide in diameter, and The energy it pulls into itself is the quantum fuel for all 100 BILLION suns in our galaxy. The black hole has kept our sun alive for billions of years. The black hole is the center of the wheel of life in the Milky Way. It is the vortex that keeps our planet and people happy and alive.

We all thought something big was going to happen in 2012, and perhaps something enormous did happen on a much bigger scale that humans could not see.

The most fascinating part of all of this is how this great alignment has impacted the vibration and consciousness on the planet. Astronomers have discovered that during this time, our solar system will be passing through the core of a massive photon belt floating in the Milky Way, which we will be moving through for the next 2000 years!
This massive field of light energy is real, and they have photos to prove it. The Schumann resonance which measures the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum has been rising since 2012. Some say we are coming into the densest core of the belt on this same date and our planet reached a “zero point” in our magnetic field.

This higher frequency of energy is creating a massive planetary shift into 5D consciousness so we can all evolve as a species from 3D into the 4th and 5th dimensions. Scientists have also reported that our planet is reaching closer towards a zero point in our magnetic field, which is causing everything to speed up, and make every human being experience a dramatic shift in their perception of reality.

I believe all of these galactic synchronicities point to the one simple fact. When the great galactic alignment occurred and we entered this photon belt, we start moving into a much higher vibration on the planet.

This higher form of energy caused people to experience a shift in consciousness and their perception of reality. The galactic alignment has been affecting people in a variety of ways, and possibly overtime altering the DNA structure of every living thing on the planet.

Why is all this astronomical scientific information important to you? As we experience life in this photon belt for the next 2000 years there will be a massive shift in consciousness to a higher dimension.

Many say that this energy field will cause us to shift from the lower “3D consciousness” into a more enlightened 5D reality. I believe this shift will cause humanity to move fully into the prophesied “Age of Aquarius” where everyone on Earth will become one unified harmonious world working together in peace.

Yes…this is a VERY special time to be alive on the planet!

I believe this alignment is responsible for creating this shift into 5D consciousness and will initiate a very special global spiritual awakening process in which we all incarnated to experience at this time.

We are all in the COVID lockdown cooker for much higher dimensional reasons than what they’re telling you on TV. The 7 billion souls on earth are having to face, purge and process out all their lower energetic frequencies such as fear, anxiety, worry, and mistrust. Just like the caterpillar must eat his own feces to obtain the proper nutrients to grow his wings, we are all in this mass cocoon together growing our 5D wings!

On any spiritual path, I find it is deeply important to learn how to use everything you can for your awakening. Shifting into 5D consciousness is not a comfortable experience. It’s like we are taking off an old worn-out pair of shoes that are 3 sizes too small! Yet once we get them off, we are going to feel soooooo much better!!

The trick to an easier shift into 5D is remembering as often as possible that the Universe you see outside you, is merely reflecting the Universe that is within you. You can change your thinking, open up your perspective expand your paradigm on reality. Shift your inner world and the outer world will follow.

Awakening to 5D begins with understanding that the Universal body is an extension of your physical body because there is only one consciousness that permeates everything and you are that! We are that, and that is all there is.

We all need to break through our deeply misguided programming which we received growing up that was deeply misinformed about these higher truths. We need to drop our old preconceptions about reality and the limitations of who we believe we are in order to make the leap into 5D. We need to learn how to Quiet our Mind, keep our heart open (all the time) and remain relaxed and grounded in the Source of our innermost presence.

To shift our stubborn old egos into 5D consciousness, I find it is essential every day to allow yourself to access feelings of humility, vulnerability, and the state of absolute nothingness. It helps to open your mind and imagine just how massive space is out there in the Universe and how the energy of our own galaxy functions.

For starters, the black hole that exists at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is millions of miles wide in diameter, and it is responsible for infinitely fueling all 500 million Suns in our Milky Way. Our black hole acts like a cosmic womb and is so magnetic that it alone is responsible for keeping all 500 million stars in the Milky Way in perfect balance with its gravitational pull.

Can you see how human beings are similar to this black hole configuration?

The absolute nothingness that exists within the center of our being has a spiritual magnetic pull to it. When we reach this zero point of stillness of mind (through meditation) we access the very innermost center of our existence. This stillness is what keeps us centered, sane, and is the great door to access our 5th-dimensional consciousness.

Tapping into this vast spacious stillness all throughout your day offers us the incomprehensible feeling that everything is already revolving in Divine perfection.

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