The superconscious mind encompasses a level of awareness that sees beyond human reality and taps into the energy and consciousness that is beyond our understanding . Some refer to this mind as "God consciousness", some call it infinite intelligence, some call it the "essence of the universe" that flows through us, and some refer to it as the "all knowing enlightened mind".

The superconscious is that part of the mind where the almighty dwells, it is that part of the mind that can turn water into wine, can turn five loaves of bread into thousands and can help us enter into the kingdom of heaven. It is that part of the mind that understands that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are here temporarily to learn how to create reality by playing with energy, frequency and vibration in order to get what we want in life. 

Sigmund Freud said, ''there is an unilluminated part of our mind, constantly at work moulding our thoughts feelings and actions. Some call it the soul some the super ego, the superconscious, the sub conscious, the unconscious, it's not an organ or part of the brain, but its there. Some call it the spirit, some call it the conscience, the creator of the still small voice within, others call it the intelligence, a part of the supreme intelligence to which we are all linked and the limit of its power is unknown. It never sleeps. It comes to us in the times of great trouble. It guides us in many ways. And when properly employed perform so called miracles''.
After a spiritual awakening this unilluminated part is illuminated in us and we begin to see miracles happen in our life. I like to refer to this unilluminated part as the superconscious mind. After a spiritual awakening our lower mind transcends to the superconscious mind. We become in sync with our higher consciousness which in turn leads us to our life purpose and to a life of joy and abundance.
Our planet is currently going through a shift. Some are calling it the shift from the third dimensional plane to the fifth dimensional plane and some are calling it the great awakening. The planet is undergoing a quantum shift of epic proportions and old energies that no longer serve us are being let go. Energetic downloads and DNA activations that help us shift to higher consciousness are underway. This can occur when one is going through an intense awakening and the body is transitioning to its “Light Body”. With the introduction of high-frequency galactic waves smashing into our planet, consciousnesses presently experiencing within the construct are undergoing significant changes on many levels. It is the time of the great awakening across the planet, but also of some pretty intense purging. As the world is awakening people are beginning to awaken to their authentic selves, to their life purpose, to the laws of the universe and to the fact that we have the power to create our own reality.

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